Saul Eslake


Saul Eslake is an independent economist, speaker, company director and Vice-Chancellor’s Fellow at the University of Tasmania.

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Podcast | Episode 1

Jo Cook and Jessica Robbins


Jo Cook is a qualified chef and food curator who has been working in the food industry for 26 years, 24 of those in Hobart. Her work spans from growing food and the education of taste in schools to curating large scale events such as Dark MOFO’s Winter Feast. Jo is the convivium leader of Slow Food Hobart.

Website | Jo Cook Food & Slow food Hobart

Jessica has a unique job in supporting island leaders and their supporters to come together to build resilient and sustainable island communities with the Global Island Partnership. Over the past decade she has worked with leaders from some of the world's most beautiful and vulnerable places from Palau, Seychelles, Hawaii and British Virgin Islands to support them to take action to build a sustainable future. Jessica is one of a growing number of Tasmanians to return home after a decade living in New York City and Fiji. She is an avid foodie.

Podcast | Episode 2

Scott Rankin


Founder of Big hART – Scott Rankin came to Tasmania in his 20’s having grown up on a Chinese Junk in Sydney Harbour. He went on to found Big hART:

Big hART's Mission:

‘It’s harder to hurt someone if you know their story’. Our work sheds light on invisible stories, bringing hidden injustice into the mainstream. These stories make it harder to hurt someone - on an individual, community and policy level. Our work demands best practise, and we strive for generational change.

25 years ago, Big hART was set up as an innovative experiment to find new ways of dealing with disadvantage. Motivated by the closure of a paper mill in the industrial town of Burnie, Tasmania, Big hART began working with the community, creating high quality art to transmit their story. This began a journey that has taken the Big hART model to over 50 communities nationwide.

Podcast | Episode 3

Posie Graeme-Evans


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Podcast | Episode 4

Robin Banks


Robin is a lawyer with a special interest in Human rights and disability, she was Tasmania’s anti-discrimination commissioner for six years.

Podcast | Episode 5

Kirsha Kaechele

Kirsha Kaechele is perhaps better known as the partner of David Walsh, founder of MONA. That is, however, the least interesting thing about her. Kirsha is an American contemporary art curator, artist, and founder of KKProjects and the Life is Art Foundation. Her WTF2050 goal would place Tassie at the center of the Internet Economy.

Website | Kirsha's portal

Podcast | Episode 6

Rosalie Martin


Speech pathologist Rosalie Martin, is the founder of Chatter Matters and was awarded Tasmanian Australian of the Year for 2017 for her work in helping prisoners crack the code of reading.

Website | Chatter Matters

Podcast | Episode 7