What's Tasmania's Future 2050 is an initiative of The Australia Institute and some of Tasmania's best and brightest thinkers.

WTF2050 looks forward a generation and asks how do we want Tasmania to be? We have challenged our inaugural ambassadors to pick a big hairy goal along with strengths we already have that will help us achieve them. We are creating a platform for visionaries to imagine and create.

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    The Tasmanian Way

    The Tasmanian Way is an emerging statewide partnership to inspire action for Tasmania to be a beacon to the world of a resilient, connected and vibrant place. It is a partnership for all Tasmanians and people who love Tasmania, to make the most of our opportunities and work through our challenges.

    Together, we will deliver a prosperous Tasmania for current and future generations.

    For more info, contact the Coordinator, Jess Robbins

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    Saul Eslake – WTF2050.org.au

    I was approached recently by the Australia Institute to posit my ideas for my island home taking a serious and long-term view, 32 years ahead to 2050. I was one of seven initial contributors, asked not just to think of a generational goal, but what assets did Tasmania already have that would help us achieve it. I realised how little time one spends thinking long term, but in fact how essential it is.

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    #WTF2050: Serving up some food for thought

    First published in The Examiner, 21 April 2018

    Jo Cook and Jess Robbins met while working in the Hobart restaurant trade 20 years ago. Ms Cook is curator of the Dark Mofo Winter Feast and Ms Robbins works for the Global Island Partnership. They were invited by The Australia Institute to propose a “big idea” for Tasmania’s future as part of its #WTF2050 – (What’s Tasmania’s Future?) initiative.

    JO COOK: I’ve been living in Tasmania 24 years now, I came down here in 1993 for a two-week holiday. We went straight to Coles Bay and my friends went diving and brought home abalone. I was 23 years old, I had never seen abalone. Then we went down south on a cray fishing boat. That was my first few days in Hobart. I just thought this place is amazing. I’m going to stay. After I had been here a while I took over a restaurant in Salamanca - it was two floors, we had a 24-hour license and that’s when Jess (Robbins) came along and started working in the kitchen with me, that was 20 years ago.

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    #WTF2050: What’s Tasmania’s future?

    First published in The Examiner, 15 April 2018

    By 2050, everyone everywhere will have the right to thrive. (Yep, utopia).

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